There are some things to consider leading up to the day of your scheduled photo shoot. With these thoughts in mind, you can plan to have fun and relax on your special day.


When we schedule your photo shoot we will consult with you on the ideal location. Being located just outside of the beautiful Black Hills, there are many opportunities for dramatic backdrops to your photos.

From fields full of sunflowers, natural waterfalls, pristine lakes, and Ponderosa pine speckled mountains, the options are endless.

Of course time of year will be considered, and weather is always a factor, so plan to be flexible, should nature not cooperate. We also have a studio location for convenient and beautiful indoor photographs.

Bad Weather

You can choose to reschedule, or we get in the car and find a spot that we can work with.

Wind and rain are the hardest weather related variables to work with. We can usually get out of the wind; however, the rain can be a problem.

Some seniors like to wait for snow. Do not count on this and get your portraits taken when the location is at its best. We can always add on a snow session.

P.S. I’ll be nice and warm and in all my layers, however, you will be very cold.


If you’re doing a sports photo, please remember the sport ball you need for it. It is the most forgotten item!

Putting all your sport items around you is out of date. Let’s do something more creative. We’ll talk.

I love guitars, hats and scarves and don’t forget umbrellas.

Cats are not a good idea, as they go crazy out of their environment. Dogs are welcomed, however, they get excited and hot and it’s hard to get a photo with their mouth closed.

Bringing pets also limits where we can go for your photos. It might be best if we do a separate session at your home.

Makeup & Nails

These things are very important for senior girls and brides. I don’t worry about my brides, as they usually have gone to someone who specializes in wedding makeup, however, my senior portrait girls will benefit from putting some time and thought into this area.

I always say to do a little more than you are use to. I like mascara, lipstick, blush and definitely foundation. Go easy on, or eliminate, eye liner. It takes away from your eyes; one of your biggest assets.

Try to have a professional manicure and pedicure for portraits. Go with a French style or a color that won’t be too noticeable. White, silver or cream seem to be the best options.

What to Wear

Definitely take time in choosing your clothes. This is what will set you apart from your friends. Stay away from stripes, and any color that doesn’t match your skin tone. Bring a selection and we can help you choose what will photograph well.

Don’t bring just dresses and shorts. Variety is what makes your photos ‘you’ and unique. Your posing options become limited when you wear short shorts and short dresses. One is plenty.

Jeans are my favorites and offer the most flexible variety. Your friends will be jealous of your many options of clothing and locations.

My favorite colors are: gray, black, red, and all earth tones. My least favorite are: pastels. White is OK. Go to my Facebook and gallery pages and check out what other people have done. I put only the best on these two sites.

Pinterest can also give you ideas, however, I like to do my own look so don’t bring me too much from Pinterest.

Shoes & Belts

Shoes are one of my favorite items that makes your portraits ‘you’. What I love: high heels, Converse tennis shoes, and boots of all kinds. Boys should stay away from large tennis shoes except for in sport photos.

My likes for boys are dark or gray canvas shoes (Converse are great) or ones that won’t stand out in your photos.

Please be sure to bring dark socks, and that pants cover your socks when you sit down.

What not to bring: Flip flops or any sandals that aren’t attached to your foot. It can be very hard to pose you when you’re shoes are falling off!

Boys, remember a belt if you’re doing a suit and tie portrait. You seem to always forget that one.

What to Bring

Always bring items that you will need for a longer portrait session. Here is a list:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Powder for shine on face (boys and girls)
  • If you want a water shot, bring extra undergarments and towels.
  • Sun Block
  • Extra clothes, in case one isn’t my favorite for the location we choose.
  • Always bring extra shoes. If you can’t decide I can help you!

Mothers or helpers that come with you should bring tennis shoes or protective shoes.

We will go on locations where you need to climb and maybe through the woods where unwanted pests could be.

Seniors should also bring shoes that are safe, as we can always carry your others.


Keep it simple. Large earrings are nice, as small ones won’t show up anyway.

Necklaces move too much. Small ones are ok, or go the other extreme and bring a large colorful one that matches your outfit.